Application and system sketching based on code templates

book-731199_1280On almost every desk on this planet lies a pen and a piece of paper for notes. In the programmers or software-architects world notes are especially technical notes about a component or system – drawn e.g. as UML-sketches on a paper or via an UML tool. However a few minutes and discussions later the names of the UML-boxes are typed into an IDE as part of source-code that will be written during the next days, weeks, months… Weiterlesen „Application and system sketching based on code templates“

Sketching around external APIs

Writing code that uses external APIs is not trivial and testing it neither. This post describes how to drive code around external APIs initially and is the second part of How to drive code by sketching it. The test-approach is only one of a couple of possibilities and used just to outline how to drive code via Quick-Fix of an IDE like eclipse. Weiterlesen „Sketching around external APIs“

How to drive code by sketching it

Actually, there are numerous of ways to sketch software or pieces of it. Drawing with a pen on a paper or on a white-board, using an UML tool et cetera. The goal is just to get things simplified and get an abstract view of it to find the core issues. With the introduction of Test-driven Development (TDD) a new way appeared end of the 90ties. TDD is controversially discussed and I don’t want to dig into the pros and cons of this approach. Rather I’d like to pick up one aspect of this methodology: drive code and design by coding.
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