Prototype sketching with Apache Camel

Almost every new project contains legacy code, legacy components or systems. Besides the business-logic a lot of boilerplate code has to be created; only to realize the integration of the legacy parts. Additionally at the beginning of a project it is not clear if the chosen approach works to integrate the legacy components. Coding different … Continue reading Prototype sketching with Apache Camel

A coffee with Kafka

A few months ago I got in touch with Kafka – the message broker Apache Kafka rather than Franz Kafka the novelist. Apache Kafka is simply a message broker which claims to be: Fast – Hundreds of MB r/w per second from thousands of clients Scalable Central data backbone – Data streams are partitioned and … Continue reading A coffee with Kafka

Sketching around external APIs

Writing code that uses external APIs is not trivial and testing it neither. This post describes how to drive code around external APIs initially and is the second part of How to drive code by sketching it. The test-approach is only one of a couple of possibilities and used just to outline how to drive … Continue reading Sketching around external APIs

How to drive code by sketching it

Actually, there are numerous of ways to sketch software or pieces of it. Drawing with a pen on a paper or on a white-board, using an UML tool et cetera. The goal is just to get things simplified and get an abstract view of it to find the core issues. With the introduction of Test-driven … Continue reading How to drive code by sketching it