How to split a monolith and legacy code via code-sketches

Legacy-code monoliths are one of these challenges which lead often to controversy discussions and questions like:

  • What are the pros and cons of getting rid of the code-base?
  • How to get rid of it, via a big-bang or splitting it step by step?
  • What are the efforts?

In this post I’d like to describe a way how to create the first code-sketch which could lead to an insight into the possibilities to tackle the beast step by step. Weiterlesen „How to split a monolith and legacy code via code-sketches“

SOLID Sketching

Writing code to sketch the first core feature of an application could lead to a point where the next feature has to be realized roughly, too – just because of trivial dependencies. The code-base grows and when you are unlucky the overview of the sketches gets lost. However keeping the code-base clean and open for the future has to be a goal and can be achieved by applying the SOLID principles. Weiterlesen „SOLID Sketching“

Sketching around external APIs

Writing code that uses external APIs is not trivial and testing it neither. This post describes how to drive code around external APIs initially and is the second part of How to drive code by sketching it. The test-approach is only one of a couple of possibilities and used just to outline how to drive code via Quick-Fix of an IDE like eclipse. Weiterlesen „Sketching around external APIs“